NEEDS CHANGE —SINCE 1972


Virginia Sumrall founded Sumrall Personnel Consultants in Dallas in 1972 with divisions and specialties in: Energy, Data Processing, Accounting, Engineering, Secretarial, and Sales. Later in the 80's this Dallas-based multi-faceted company added a Banking and a Healthcare division. As active members in National Personnel Association, we developed networking partners nationally. As the economy changed in the early 90's Sumrall Personnel moved its Dallas force to a more national perspective. Our search emphasis changed to primarily Information Technology Audit and Financial Audit.


Our approach to recruiting is still done the old-fashioned way. Keyword searches may speed-read resumes and email hastens communications, but there are still parts of the search process that require the skilled human touch. A thinking, caring search Professional who knows how to properly represent skills and strengths of candidates  - as well as identify where those people are for our recruiting clients - brings talent and tenacity to a profession that computers can never emulate. Our tradition of hard work and dogged determination make all the difference in achieving results.


IF YOU ARE RECRUITING...we want to partner with you, if you value that rare personal approach. We advise and strategize with you a recruiting approach that gives you a competitive advantage. Our client companies range from start-ups to Fortune 100 firms. For many, we have placed dozens of people over the years, building strong friendships along the way. Together we help forecast their personnel needs, then we go to work - sometimes for months - locating those rare talents in arcane situations. We look forward to helping you address those issues and becoming an extension of your company.